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Our leather book bindings

Info on premium leather binding

The premium leather book binding is recommended for important works like the Bachelor’s thesis, Master’ thesis or PhD. The soft surface of the faux leather cover convey the importance of your work. Additional you can choose different options like a ribbon, book corners and embossing.

The premium leather binding is available in four colours: blue, red, black and green.

Premium leather book binding
ColoursDark blue, black, Bordeaux red, dark green
Surface materialSoft, textured
FinishMatte, faux leather look
Areas embossedFront cover and spine
Embossing coloursSilver, gold, black
Corner coloursSilver, gold, black
Ribbon coloursSilver, gold, black
Number of pagesApprox. 10 - 370 pages
Price19.90 €
Aesthetic rating“Outstanding”
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Info on standard leather binding

The standard leather book binding differ from the premium leather binding in its appearance. The texture of the surface is more distinct it also looks shinier and smoother than premium leather book binding. So its more a matter of taste which leather binding you choose.

You can choose the same features for the standard leather binding as for the premium leather book binding.

Standard leather book binding
ColoursRoyal blue, black, Bordeaux red, dark green
Surface materialSmooth, textured
Areas embossedFront page and spine
Embossing coloursSilver, gold, black
Corner coloursSilver, gold, black
Ribbon coloursSilver, gold, black
Number of pagesApprox. 10 - 370 pages
Price15.90 €
Aesthetic rating“Very good”
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The innovation from BachelorPrint allows you to check your leather book binding before submit your order for printing and binding. This is possible with the look inside-function wich enables you to browse from the first to the last page of your paper. The preview also shows every feature you choose in our online-shop like triangular corner pockets, fold-out pages or CD self-adhesive sleeves.

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Benefit from our innovative print-shop that enables you to place your order as easy as possible: just configure your binding and see how the finished product will look with our 3D live-preview. Additionally, you can also always check your current price calculation and the estimated day of delivery with our configurator.

High quality customisation

The leather book binding doesn’t just convince through stability and longevity; you can also choose between different gadgets to equip your binding. Make a eyecatcher out of your thesis!


Leather book binding embossing

The embossing of the leather book binding is the classic way to customise it. It’s possible to emboss both versions of the leather book binding with the title of your thesis, the logo of your university and of course your name. For the best possible result, BachelorPrint uses a special technique to emboss the leather binding.

Embossing in: gold, silver, black


Leather binding corners

A special addition to your leather book binding are book corners. It adds significance to your work and as side benefit the corners of your leather binding are protected. With this additional protection, you can carry and use your binding carefree and don’t need to worry about damaged corners.

Corners available in: silver, gold, black


Leather book binding ribbon

The ribbon as an additional gadget for the leather book binding not only looks chic, it is also practical. A reading tape signals that your thesis is special and invites you to read, at the same time your examiner will thank you if he can actually use the ribbon when reviewing your thesis.

Ribbon available in: silver, gold, black, white and blue

Information for leather book binding embossing

Leather book binding premium embossing
  • Embossing only possible on leather binding
  • at least 5 mm font size
  • approx. 10 minutes production time for embossing (without printing and binding)

Attention: Our template for the individual embossing is set in the colour black by default. If you want your embossing in silver or gold let us know about it in your order.

Standard embossing for cover and spine of the leather book binding 

Front cover embossing elementsCost
Type of work (thesis, Master’s thesis, etc.)free
Institution name
Institution logo
Title of work
Author’s name
Publication date
19,90€ (total for all elements)
Spine embossing elements
Type of work
Author’s name
Publication date
9,90€ (total for all elements)
Customized embossing39,90€

Frequently Asked Questions

For larger and important pieces of academic paper like Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis and PhD thesis we recommend our leather book bindings. Both leather bindings consist of a strong cardboard cover and a faux leather surface which makes the binding particularly resilient and elegant.

The calculated price for a premium leather book binding with 20 pages and additional embossing is 45.80 €. With BachelorPrint, you save 52% in comparison to other market prices! Plus: We offer FREE express delivery!

At BachelorPrint, we use 100 g/m² premium-paper as standard for printing and set the same price for color – and black/white printing.

You can calculate the exact price for printing and binding your thesis here: Online-Shop

The number of pages is based on 100 g/m² (premium-standard) and 120 g/m² paper weight. It should be noted that we recommend 120 g/m² paper for double sided printing. It is possible to print up to 470 printed sides with the 120 g/m² paper and up to 500 printed sides with the 100 g/m² paper.

Find in the table the book thickness with leather book binding listed by paper grade.

Book thickness100 g/m²120 g/m²
10 mm20-70 pages21-55 pages
13 mm70-120 pages56-105 pages
19 mm121-170 pages106-155 pages
25 mm171-250 pages156-235 pages

BachelorPrint offers two different types of leather binding – standard and premium.

The premium leather has a cover with a soft texture and a faux leather look. In comparision has the standard leather book binding a smoother and shinier surface wich is more textured.

Both leather book bindings have the same setz of gadgets to add like the option of embossing, a ribbon or book corners.

Due to the book-like appearance and the high quality, and robust cover of the leather book binding its suitable for larger and more significant academic papers. With the additional gadgets it will stand out from the rest.

We recommend leather book binding for the following types of academic work:




The mainparts of the leather book binding are two cardboard sheets for the back and front cover and a cardboard piece for the spine. These cardboard elements are covered with the faux leather. The surface differs from premium to standard leather binding.

The pages with your work are borderd by two end pages and glued to the leather binding.

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