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Editing by professional, academic, and highly qualified editors for the best possible result

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Wide range of different correction services

Finding the right service for your bachelor’s thesis is easy

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Two documents result from Editing PLUS

You get two documents: one with visible corrections, one with them already incorporated

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Editing PLUS includes tips for a flawless bachelor’s thesis

Recommendations of what is missing for the perfect bachelor’s thesis

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Money back guarantee

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4-eye principle

A second editor will check your bachelor’s thesis after Editing PLUS

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Information on Editing PLUS

Editing PLUS is our premium online correction service and includes spelling correction, as well as revising for academic style and expression. In addition, extensive recommendations are made to improve the understandability of the text. With Editing PLUS, we’ll push your work to the maximum and make it consistent. Editing PLUS will help you to get the most out of your work!

With Editing PLUS, your work will be proofread by one of our professional proofreaders for: grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency of expression and wording, terminology, and missing or double spaces.

In addition, we carry out an intensive revision of the academic writing style. Our editors correct inappropriate words and expressions, and also check your work for formalities such as consistent citation, source and footnote information, editing as we go.

Our Editing PLUS online service specifically addresses the logic and structure of the text and checks whether the ‘thread’ runs throughout the work. In addition, you’ll receive written feedback about the quality of the text and individual tips from your editor.

To further guarantee the quality of our Editing PLUS, we always adhere to the 4-eye principle, with a second editor looking closely at the corrections and tips made by the first editor. To give you the best editing service and maximum satisfaction, we offer a money back guarantee – no ifs, no buts!

Tip: To be sure that the in depth ‘Editing PLUS’ service is the right correction service for you, we recommend having three pages of your choice looked at first by our correction quick-check service. You might already have very good language skills and only need proofreading. Based on the result, you can select the correction service that´s right for you. Book now!
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You can purchase Editing PLUS for any piece of academic work. However, it’s mostly used for:

  • Assignments
  • Essays
  • Papers
  • Bachelor’s theses
  • Master’s theses
  • Dissertations

Check out the Editing PLUS services now.

This depends on the editing or proofreading services that you’re purchasing! A full editing PLUS check will take 1-7 working days, whereas a quick check can be carried out within 24 hours. But the sooner you submit your document for editing or proofreading, the sooner you’ll have it back!

We offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with our services . Plus, our editors and proofreaders are highly skilled professionals. With our large list of proofreading and editing services, you’ll find exactly what you need.

This depends on your writing skills. If you’re not confident that your thesis or dissertation ‘flows’ well, then perhaps it’s best that you order Editing PLUS so that the structure and flow of your academic work can be perfected. If you’re looking for a grammar and spelling check, then you only need proofreading. Follow the link for  a full list of the BachelorPrint editing and proofreading services and prices.

Your professor probably wouldn’t have done a complete edit for you, as this can take days and he would be unable to do this for every student! Your professor would have read through your work, checking for small mistakes and minor structure errors. But if you’re still not confident, it can’t hurt to have your work looked at by an editor or proofreader. Can’t decide between editing and proofreading? You can read about the differences between editing and proofreading to find out which service is the best for you.

Editing PLUS Services

Find a detailed description of the services you get when choosing Editing PLUS for your thesis below. Editing PLUS includes:

Stylistic editing



Consistent wording & expression

Formalities check (e.g. consistent citation, footnote and references style)

Language editing
Terminology check

Improvement of inappropriate word and expression usage

Recommendations to improve the text’s understandability

Basic improvement to the writing style (clarity, understandability, and flow)

Editor service
Revisions made in track changes mode for follow up

Two corrected versions (in track changes mode and with corrections incorporated)

Written feedback on text quality from the editor

4-eye principle with a second editor

Unlimited questions to the editor

Why You Need BachelorPrint

A bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or dissertation should not only be correct in terms of content but should also be error free. To make this a reality, our academic Editing PLUS team will put your work through its paces.

Our Editing PLUS team will look at spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistent spelling, missing or double spaces, chapter headings and footnotes. But Editing PLUS begins much more intensively and gives your work a professional, academic style. We’ll make your work consistent in terms of spelling and style.

In doing so, we guarantee: the quality standard of your work is at least as high as the examiner’s standard for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis! With our professional editors, we’ll help you get a top mark!

Money Back Guarantee

If, despite our expectations, we do not keep our quality promises and you have a reason to complain about our performance, you’ll get all your money back – no ifs, no buts. Our quality promise.

 Before and After

Before Editing PLUS

editing original

After Editing PLUS

editing example

Editing PLUS is our premium online correction service. Editing is often compared to a ‘simple’ correction. But the scope of editing with our Editing PLUS service goes well beyond basic proofreading.

Our editors make sure that as well as spelling and grammar, your text is better written and therefore easier to read. The editor works intensively on editing the academic style and expression. Furthermore, the ‘thread’ of your text, or rather the logic and structure of the text, is checked by our editors.

So that you have a clear idea of the scope of Editing PLUS, please have a look at the following example.

Editing PLUS is recommended for:

  • Bachelor’s thesis
  • Master’s thesis
  • Dissertations
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Editing PLUS Important Information

We want to offer you the best possible correction service. Whether it’s project work, a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis, paper or dissertation, we’ll provide a high-quality standard.

Therefore, the following points are particularly important for us to be able to give you the best possible result from Editing PLUS:

  • When requesting Editing PLUS, please always include your deadline, or rather the date by which you would like to have the corrected document. This makes it easier for us to adjust the correction times for your work.
  • Please always send us your work as a Word or OpenOffice file, or LaTeX, not as PDF! Only by doing this can we incorporate the corrections and editing directly into your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or other type of thesis.
  • Even if you have opted for Editing PLUS, you should always first run a plagiarism check. It only takes 30 minutes and any important changes can still be made before Editing PLUS.
  • With BachelorPrint, you get twice the service for the same price, because you’ll get two documents after Editing PLUS. In the first document, the corrections are shown with annotations in the text. In the second, these comments and improvements are already incorporated in the text. This saves you the tedious task of having to make these changes yourself.
  • If you’ve opted for Editing PLUS but your work doesn’t need language or stylistic revisions, just some formal corrections, we’ll contact you and recommend proofreading instead.
  • Note: Professional and in-depth editing takes a week depending on the workload. Should this duration not fit with your submission date, we’ll do our best to correct your work as fast as possible.
  • We always work holistically, because only when all components are perfect, will your bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or other academic work be a success. If you’ve ordered a cover page check, but your work requires further changes, of course we’ll inform you.