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plagiarism software in 10 min

Results in just 10 minutes

You can expect your plagiarism report after 10 minutes for a paper of 60 to 80 pages.

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No saving to a database

You will get your plagiarism report in an email. The plagiarism software DOES NOT save your uploaded file for more than 24 hours.

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Billions of sources

The plagiarism software uses billions of different online sources to make sure your thesis does not include plagiarized content.

Our Prices 

Plagiarism package S

16,90 / Check

What's included?

Up to 8.000 words

Only 10 minutes processing time

No saving in database

All languages

Compared with billions of freely accessible sources

10% print voucher

Plagiarism package M

26,90 / Check

What's included?

Up to 60.000 words

Only 10 minutes processing time

No saving in database

All languages

Compared with billions of freely accessible sources

10% print voucher

Plagiarism package L

36,90 / Check

What's included?

More than 60.000 words

Only 10 minutes processing time

No saving in database

All languages

Compared with billions of freely accessible sources

10% print voucher

Plagiarism Software Information

Our plagiarism test tool uses a very complex alogrithm, but is very simple for you as a user. You just upload your file, select your preferred payment method and enter the email address to which your plagiarism result will be sent after the plagiarism check. The plagiarism detector now automatically searches your file for plagiarism by dividing your text into passages. These passages are compared against countless online sources.

After about 10 minutes (depending on the number of pages) you will receive an email with a PDF file. There you will find all possible plagiarism found by the plagiarism software and links to the online sources.

Now all you have to do is touch up your paper and you’re ready to hand it in.

plagiarism software file size

File size

Max. 50 MB

plagiarism software pages

Page count (maximum) 

Approx. 750,000 characters, 350 pages

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Used sources

Sources available online (freely accessible)

plagiarism software in 10 min

Time required

10 minutes (60 to 80 pages)

File formats supported by the plagiarism software:

Plagiarism checker supported file formats

Plagiarism software tips
If you don’t want tables or indexes to be checked, you can simply leave them out when uploading your file. You can even upload multiple files at the same time.

FAQs: All questions about the plagiarism software
The most important questions about plagiarism software and answers can be found here: See FAQs

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Plagiarism Software Process

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Step 1: Select the right format and upload the file

Our plagiarism software works with a wide variety of file formats: Word, Open Office or PDF files. You can also upload multiple files at once. The plagiarism software now automatically counts the words and pages in your paper and selects the right package (small, medium or large) for you and the search for plagiarism runs automatically.

Step 2: Access to billions of sources

Our plagiarism software uses countless online sources. The only requirement for a website to be recognised as a source by the plagiarism software is that it is freely available. This means that you don’t need official access nor is it a subscription-based website. It doesn’t matter whether your bachelor’s or master’s thesis is in English, German or Spanish – the software works in every language.

Not only students benefit from our plagiarism software – many universities also use it!

Plagiarism software in many languages
Plagiarism report plagiarism software

Step 3: Read the plagiarism report – Handy traffic light scheme including all online sources

It’s simple: If the traffic light is green, you will not be confronted with allegations of plagiarism. But you should still check the coloured passages again. Because every passage that is marked in colour is potentially plagiarism. But don’t worry! You will receive a link to the online source found for each passage.
That way, you can make your bachelor’s or master’s thesis plagiarism-free in the shortest possible time.

Do you need an example? You can find a PDF file here:

Sample plagiarism report generated by the plagiarism software

The plagiarism software takes just 10 minutes. Play it safe!

Play it safe. Leave nothing to chance!


The plagiarism software online for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis (60-80 pages) normally takes between 10 and 20 minutes. It depends on the number of words submitted. In the case of longer pieces of work (200-300 pages), the plagiarism software can take up to an hour.

Yes! The plagiarism check works in all languages. French, Spanish, English or German, it doesn’t matter. The plagiarism software will ensure that your academic work is plagiarism free. Start your plagiarism check now.

No! For data protection reasons, we don’t save any of our customers’ uploaded documents. We delete them from our server within 24 hours once the plagiarism software has finished with the detection! Your intellectual property belongs to you and only to you.

No! You can just upload your document, choose your payment method and then use the plagiarism detector without a user account or registering. It’s quick and easy! Play it safe and start your plagiarism check now.

All publicly accessible online sources will be used by the plagiarism software. Databases where payment is required are excluded. If you have already cited a book and it has an electronic copy, it may appear in your plagiarism report. But there is no need to worry about this if you’ve cited the book correctly– it’s simply an extra precaution.

The BachelorPrint plagiarism software doesn’t save any uploaded work for data protection reasons, unlike Turnitin. Accordingly, we don’t rely on the same data base as Turnitin.

However, our plagiarism software searches billions of publicly available sources on the World Wide Web.

Information: If the work is scanned for plagiarism in advance with Turnitin, and the university also uses Turnitin, there is a considerable potential risk for the writer. As Turnitin saves the uploaded work, this will then be in their database. If the university scans the same work on it, it will then be classified as complete plagiarism. We have already heard this a few times. The student’s work was therefore failed in the first instance and they had to prove that they had written the document saved by Turnitin.

It’s possible that the email from the plagiarism software has gone into your spam folder. In really rare cases, our email with the plagiarism report might have been blocked by your email provider and hasn’t been received. Please contact us at We will email you the plagiarism report again.

For an overview, only text passages that might contain plagiarism are shown in the plagiarism report. The other pages where no plagiarism is suspected will not be shown. So a plagiarism report with less pages is ideal.

It’s possible that a section of text is marked as suspected plagiarism even though it has already been correctly cited, for example from a book. This happens if the software finds a further online source. In this case, the suspected plagiarism can be ignored and serves as extra peace of mind. Nevertheless, you should still check to be sure that you’ve used the proper citation or referencing methods for that source.

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