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The look inside-function helps you with your final-touch. Correct your formatting for a perfect printed PhD thesis.

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Easily configure your PhD thesis in our print shop and you will see your finished binding in the 3D Configuration.

Our binding-recommendation

Premium leather book binding – your perfect impression after PhD binding.

This leather binding is the right binding for your PhD thesis. It has the best quality to celebrate your hard work and to impress your professor with a special binding.

  • Customized embossing: your personal logo
  • Embossing-Colour: black, gold or silver
  • Surface: textured, leather-like-surface
  • Binding-Colours: red, blue, green or black
  • Ribbon: in blue, white, silver, gold and black
  • Book-Corners: in silver, gold and black
  • Our recommendation for the PhD thesis: 10 - 370 pages

Price: from 19,90 €

Available immediately.

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1. PhD Thesis upload

Upload your PhD as PDF for printing and binding in our online configurator.

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2. Choose the binding

Design your favorite binding with our 3D live preview. Just test all bindings you like and find the right one.

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3. Extra gadgets

Ribbon bookmark, Corner protectors or CD self-adhesive sleeve. Find your perfect extra!

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4. Next-Day Express

You are pressed for time? No problem find your binding and enjoy our Next-Day Express.

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BRAND NEW: final check with look inside-function

The PhD is such an important thesis and it is of course you main goal to be successful with your hard work. Our new look inside-function will help you to improve your final check – no more wrong formatting! This function allows you to browse through your PhD and to check page-by-page. You will even see all our additional options in your PhD binding like corner pockets, fold-out pages and the self-adhesive sleeves.

PhD printing and binding look inside function
phd thesis printing binding online

3D Online-Configurator with delivery-date display and live price calculation

You are not sure about the look of your PhD binding? Then just try out different bindings and find the perfect one for you. With the 3D live preview you will see your final product before your place your order. PLUS the shop will calculate your exact delivery-date and you get a live price calculation.

Further bindings

Standard leather book binding for the PhD thesis.

The standard leather binding is much shinier than the premium leather book binding but also the perfect binding for your PhD. This binding allows you to choose between a lot of great extras and accessories.

  • Individual embossing: possible on leather binding
  • Embossing-Colour:in silver, gold and black
  • surface: smooth and shiny
  • Available in: red, blue, green and black
  • Ribbon in: blue, white, silver, gold and black
  • Corners in silver, gold and black
  • Our recommendation: For a PhD with 10 - 370 pages

Price: from 15,90 €

Available immediately.

Thermal binding is the affordable classic for PhD binding.

This binding is one of the all-time favorites from students because of the low price. But the thermal binding is still the most popular binding for students, as it is very inexpensive but still a professional binding for the PhD.

  • Spine-Colors: red, black, yellow, blue, green, gray or white
  • Surface: textured surface, transparent front cover (plastic)
  • Our recommendation for your PhD: 2 - 450 pages

Price: from 9,90 €

Available immediately.

Spiral binding is the most affordable variant for PhD binding.

The spiral binding allows you to browse comfortable through your PhD. It is a very low-priced but still an appropriate way to represent your thesis.

  • Colours: red, black, white, yellow, blue, green or gray
  • Your Binding Options: Plastic or metal spiral binding
  • Surface: Transparent front cover, back page in textured surface
  • Our recommendation: PhD with 1 - 300 pages

Price: from 4,90 €

Available immediately.

Unlimited design with the Softcover for your PhD thesis

With the softcover you can design the cover page as you like. The reason for this is the 300 g/m² printable blank cover. Choose your ideas like photos. colours, logos and place them like you want - Infinite creativity and possibilities!

  • Design Options:Printable cardboard cover for a customized design
  • Binding: Cardboard cover (300g/m² premium paper), shiny magazine look
  • Our recommendation: PhD up to 150 pages

Price: from 11,90 €

Available immediately.

Find your perfect binding for your PhD thesis in our innovative online-shop. We have a wide range of amazing bindings. If you are not sure which binding you like the most, just use the online 3D configuration and try any bindings you like.

If you decide to order the exquisite premium or standard leather binding you can configure some handy and top-quality accessories and extras like a ribbon bookmark, corner protectors or a CD, incl. self-adhesive sleeve.

The best part: Order today – delivered tomorrow – with free delivery!

Our recommendation:

Before printing, check your PhD thesis for plagiarism!

Comparison of bindings

Premium leather bindingStandard leather bindingThermal bindingSoftcoverSpiral binding
PhD premium hardcoverPHD standard hardcoverPHD thermal bindingPhD SoftcoverPHD spiral binding
configure nowconfigure nowconfigure nowconfigure nowconfigure now
Colorsblack, blue, red, greenblack, blue, red, greenblack, blue, red, green, yellow, white, greyCustomizableblack, blue, red, green, yellow, white, grey
FinishTextured, matte, soft, leather lookTextured, glossy, soft, leather lookTransparent front film, cardboard back in leather lookGlossy print-able cover in magazine lookTransparent front film, cardboard back in leather look
Customized embossingYesYesNoNoNo
Customized cover designYes
(Text and logo of your institution in either silver, gold, black)
(Text and logo of your institution in either silver, gold, black)
Book CornersYesYesNoNoNo
Self-adhesive CD caseYesYesYesYesYes
Self-adhesive triangular pocketYesYesYesYesYes
Number of pages10 - 37010 - 3702 - 45020 - 1501 - 300
Price19,90 €15,90 €9,90 €
11,90 €4,90 €
Suitability for PhD bindingPhD premium leather binding excellentPhD standard leather binding excellentPhD Thermal binding goodPhD softcover goodPhD Spiral binding satisfactory
Info on bindingsTo premium leather bindingTo standard leather bindingTo thermal bindingTo softcoverTo spiral binding

Frequently asked questions

BachelorPrint recommend a 100 g/m²-paper that looks and feels very high-class – plus this paper is thick enough to not be seethrough if you decide to print your PhD thesis double-sided. We provide this service without any extra costs.

If you want even thicker paper just choose our 120g/m²-paper in the online print-ship.

Do you want to know more about the right paper for your PhD thesis? Read this article: Which paper for thesis printing & binding?

We think the PhD is a very special thesis and deserves a high-class binding like the premium or standard leather binding with beautiful extras like ribbon bookmark or corner protectors. But if you need many copies of your PhD thesis use the cheap alternative – the thermal binding!

BachelorPrint as online printing service offers you several advantages like:

  • Production of your PhD thesis within one day. Order before the countdown above has run out and we deliver the next day (depending on your location)
  • FREE delivery
  • high-quality bindings
  • No minimum order value for the FREE delivery
  • 3D live preview in the BachelorPrint online shop
  • individuell embossing with university logo
  • FREE “Type-of-work”-embossing (e. g. Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, Dissertation etc.)
  • FREE 100 g/m² premium branded paper

The price always depends on the number of pages and the binding you want to use for the printing and binding of your PhD thesis. The premium leather binding is for example pricey compared to the thermal binding with the same among of pages. We recommend a mix of different bindings for different occasions to save money.

At BachelorPrint, we use 100 g/m² premium-paper as standard for printing and set the same price for color – and black/white printing. That means more money-saving for you!

You can calculate the exact price for printing and binding your PhD thesis here: Online-Shop

Use our online printing service to save money and to find the perfect binding for your PhD thesis. Enjoy step by step your configuration with the 3D live preview and use the  look inside-function for a final check of your PhD thesis. No bad surprise and a good price for your professional binding. The best part: No shipping-costs! 

You will save a lot of shipping costs if you use BachelorPrint for printing and binding your PhD thesis. We also give you free embossing position (“typ of work”) and 100 g/m² paper”

More? Check our page for free printing!

We online need 24-48 hours to produce and to deliver your order (depending on your location)  – the best: the express delivery is free!

Read this article: print time for PhD thesis printing & binding or calculate your date of delivery in our delivery date-calculator.

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