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Writing your final thesis, whether it be a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or a PhD is a huge milestone in your professional life. Your thesis will not only be shown to your professors, but also to future employers and even your family will want to see it. Therefore, your thesis needs to be well presented. You’ve already put the hard work into writing your thesis, so you deserve a break! Sit back and let the printing professionals take care of your thesis printing and binding.

Luckily, a quick search for ‘print shop near me’ will display your options. Finding a print shop near me is easy. But which one should you choose? Why not print at home? These questions will be answered in more detail later on. But what is certain, is that your thesis deserves top-quality printing and binding so that it can truly reflect your hard work.

Why Choose Professional Printing?

Paying for services from a print shop ensures that you will receive expert advice from the printing professionals. Completing your first thesis can seem overwhelming – you’re so close to the finish line, yet still so far. The printing experts can transform your thesis into a sleek and stylish piece of academic work. You’re obviously proud of the contents of your thesis, so you should also be proud of how it’s presented. A professional thesis or dissertation binding is the perfect final touch.

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Of course, the importance of first impressions cannot be undermined. With the elegant leather binding, or the smart thermal binding, your thesis will stand out from the rest. Your professors, supervisors and future employers will be impressed before they even read a word of your thesis- thanks to a classy thesis binding.

Not to mention that printing and binding multiple copies of your thesis is easy if you utilise professional print shops! You don’t need to spend hours standing over the printer or worry about running out of ink. Enjoy the advantages of industrial printers and the advice of the printing experts for your dissertation printing.

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Find the print shop for your city

Let the experts take care of your thesis!

Finding a Print Shop Near Me

Once you’ve decided to pay for professional printing and binding, your next job is finding a print shop. All you need to do is search ‘print shop near me’ and you’ll find out that there’s many to choose from. But how can you find a high-quality print shop with reasonable prices? Follow our guide and you’ll have your thesis in your hands, ready for submission before you know it. Finding a print shop near me is easy!

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First of all, take a look at some reviews. It’s important that your chosen print shop is able to offer a top-quality guarantee and that they’re following a ‘customer first’ policy. Write a list of potential print shops, including only those that have 5 stars. You don’t want the stress of fixing a thesis with printing errors shortly before the deadline.

print shops selection of binding


Now, you need to narrow down that list. It’s important that your chosen print shop is able to offer you a large selection of binding options. You shouldn’t have to settle for a cheaper binding if you’re wanting to go all out, simply because the print shop has no other options. Think carefully about which dissertation binding you’d like and whether you’re going to purchase any extras such as corner protectors, CD sleeves or embossing.

print shops type of paper


What’s very important, is that you have a choice regarding the type of paper that is used. 80 g/m2 paper is the default for most print shops, however it’s thin and is definitely not suited for double sided printing. 100 g/m2 paper on the other hand, is much sturdier and won’t tear so easily. It’s advised that you find a print shop that uses 100 g/m2 paper as their default, as you won’t have to pay any extra for double-sided printing if this is the case.

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Lastly, your chosen print shop should offer you consultation. Thesis printing and binding can be overwhelming. You have many design decisions to make, but you also have to follow the guidelines of your educational institution. There should be an abundance of information on your print shop’s website to assist you with your design decisions. Plus, they should be easily contactable and willing to answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose an Online Print Shop?

You should choose an online print shop for your thesis, because they are simply superior in so many ways! Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo. You’re driving around, with your master thesis on a USB, whilst google maps is directing you to a ‘print shop near me’. You don’t have long until the deadline, so you pull into the first printing store you can find, settling for an average thesis binding. Or maybe, you just can’t be bothered getting out of your coffee-stained pajamas.

Thankfully, if you type ‘online print shop near me’ into google, you’ll find many online printing services like BachelorPrint that are open 24/7. Place your order any time, from anywhere and enjoy the advantages of a short production time and free express delivery. Searching for an online print shop near me will save you a lot of time and effort.

Advantages of online print shops

  • easy to order
  • large selection of bindings
  • express shipping
  • open 24/7

Plus, with BachelorPrint’s look inside function, you have the opportunity to check your formatting one last time before placing your order. You can flip through the pages, as though your thesis was in your hands. Check the formatting of not only the text, but also tables, charts and illustrations. Say goodbye to last minute formatting errors, as you search for an online print shop near me.

Additionally, the BachelorPrint online printing service also supplies you with a 3D online configurator. You can see how your thesis would look with each different binding and add-on. Currently have the thermal binding selected, but you don’t like how it looks? Delete it and select the leather binding instead. Each change you make to your thesis binding is shown live in the online 3D configurator- including extras such as corner protectors and embossing. I don’t know a print shop near me that can do that!

You might be thinking “there’s a print shop near me, just around the corner, how can it get more convenient?” Well, with online printing services like BachelorPrint, you can enjoy professional printing and binding whilst on a budget. By picking and choosing which binding you’d like for the extra copies of your thesis, you’ll save costs. Have the copies for storage bound with spiral binding and give your professor a copy with leather binding. Enjoy the convenience and cost efficiency of online printing services. Now, delete ‘print shop near me’ from your google history, because you won’t need to be searching for a print shop ever again!

Find the print shop for your city

Let the experts take care of your thesis!


By using an online print shop, you will get to enjoy an especially fast production time. The post man will be knocking at your door before you know it! Your thesis will be printed and bound on the same day that you place your order. It will then be sent to you via express post- for free! Head over to the online print shop for an exact delivery date.

  • It’s quick, easy and you don’t have to leave the house!
  • You’ll save money on transportation. Don’t bother driving around, frantically googling ‘print shop near me’. BachelorPrint will send your thesis to you via express post, for no additional cost.
  • Use the look inside function to check your formatting one last time. The 3D live preview will allow you to see your thesis with any extras, as though it was already in your hands.
  • Benefit from BachelorPrint’s large scale and enjoy top quality printing and binding for an attractive price.

The following payment options are available in the online print shop:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card

If you were unable to find the information you need on our website, we’re more than happy to answer your questions because customers always come first! Send your questions to:

BachelorPrint’s special packaging will protect your dissertation binding whilst it’s in the post. Multiple copies will be held together with a plastic band to avoid any movement inside of the packaging. Your thesis will arrive free from any damages.

As your thesis moves through each stage of production, you will receive emails with status updates. You will always know the exact status of your order. Once your thesis is handed over for shipping, you will receive a postal tracking number. BachelorPrint aspires to provide you with top-quality service!