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plagiarism test tool in 10 min

Results in only 10 minutes

Your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis will be thoroughly searched by the plagiarism software in just 10 minutes.

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No data will be stored!

Have you received your plagiarism report? Perfect! We will delete your file within 24 hours.

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The biggest data source – the Internet!

For thorough results, we compare your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with millions of online sources.


Plagiarism package S
up to 8,000 words
Plagiarism package M
up to 60,000 words
Plagiarism package L
more than 60,000 words

Information on the plagiarism test tool

You are probably wondering how the plagiarism test tool works. Actually, the process itself is very easy for you as the customer, even if the software behind the tool is very complex. You upload your file and the plagiarism test tool does its thing. Your entire file is divided into shorter passages, which in turn are compared to billions of online sources. If the algorithm finds a match, this passage is highlighted in colour. The best thing is that you get the right source link for every coloured passage.

We promise: Reliable search for plagiarism and easy fixing – All without permanently saving your data!

plagiarism test tool file size

Max. file size

50 MB

plagiarism test tool pages

Max. number of pages

350 pages (750,000 characters)

plagiarism test tool comparison

The database

Access to billions of online sources!

plagiarism test tool in 10 min

Time required

10 mins – 1hour for a paper (200 – 300 pages)

File formats supported by the plagiarism test tool

Plagiarism test tool supported file formats

Important tip for the plagiarism test tool:
Of course, the plagiarism testing tool checks every page in the file that you upload. This also includes labelled graphics, tables and the table of contents. But you can simply omit pages in the file that you don’t want to have checked.

FAQs: Asked questions
We collect frequently asked questions from our customers on the subject of plagiarism testing and have created a clear list. We will give you the answers here:

See FAQs

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Plagiarism test tool process

Plagiarism test tool price

Step 1: Fast and easy upload.

Select one or more files to be checked by the plagiarism test tool as a Word, Open Office or PDF file. You can even upload multiple files in our tool at the same time. The program automatically counts the pages and characters and chooses the right product package (S, M or L). Then the search for plagiarisms begins.

Step 2: Access to billions of sources – Check takes just a few minutes!

What do you think is the largest database in the world? It is the World Wide Web, with billions of online sources. And new articles, pictures and information are added every day. Our plagiarism test tool has access to all available online sources. But these online sources must be freely available, which means that the digital article, for example, must not cost any money.

Note: It doesn’t matter in which language your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis is in.

Plagiarism test tool in many languages
Plagiarism report plagiarism test tool

Step 3: Easy correction with our plagiarism report!

When the process is complete, you will receive an email with your plagiarism report. You will receive the plagiarism report within 10 minutes; if your paper is very detailed (200 to 300 pages) it can take up to an hour. In the email you will find a PDF file with all the pages of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in which possible plagiarisms were found. These passages are highlighted in colour and have a link to the online source. You can now correct your paper in a minimum amount of time.

This example will help you: Sample plagiarism report after an online plagiarism check

Plagiarism test tool. Safety for your thesis in 10 minutes!

Submit a clean piece of work. We can assist you!

Frequently asked questions

If you want to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis checked using the plagiarism test tool, you will receive your very own plagiarism report after just 10 minutes, if your paper is 60 to 80 pages long. A longer paper (200 to 300) can take up to an hour.

Yes – For the plagiarism test tool it doesn’t matter which language your paper is written in or whether you use citations in other languages. The check also works without any additional settings.

No, we never save your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or other paper on our server for longer than 24 hours.

No, we only need your email address because your plagiarism report will be sent to it. Plus of course the information that is necessary for the payment.

Any online source on the Internet. But an online source can only be used if you do not need a special access, for example an account or a payment

Many providers choose to Bachelor’s and Master’s theses to their database for an extended period of time (also Turnitin). This gives them the advantage of having a huge database. But this is very sensitive data.

But the bigger problem is this: Imagine you run a plagiarism check using Turnitin and your university uses Turnitin after you do, too. Your entire paper will now be displayed to the professors as plagiarism, since it is already in the database. Now you have to prove to them that the paper you submitted is not a total plagiarism. You can easily avoid this by using our plagiarism test tool.

First step: Check your spam folder for the e-mail.

Is the plagiarism report still not there?

Second step: Write us an email at [email protected]. We will send you your plagiarism report.

In your plagiarism report you will only find the pages containing plagiarisms. Pages that have no detected plagiarisms are left out entirely.

This can happen if you quoted a passage from the print edition of a book, but there is also a digital edition of this book. The bibliography is often displayed as a plagiarism because other authors have used the same citation method. Don’t worry, but still check everything.

The best thing about the plagiarism testing tool from BachelorPrint:

  • Submit a Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or another paper without plagiarisms
  • Reliable software
  • No saving in the database
  • Perfect for a paper with many pages
  • Great customer service

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