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The softcover

Softcover - the very special binding!

This binding has countless cover options because you can design the softcover yourself from the scratch. But don't forget that this cover still needs to represent an academic paper - Use only appropriate colors, pictures and titles!

  • Cover-Surface: smooth, shiny magazine-appearance
  • Colours: Your one cover design
  • Material: 300 g/m² premium paper
  • Recommended The softcover is perfect for 20 - 150 pages

Price: 11,90 €

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When you’ve finished the configuration of your binding, you have the opportunity to digitally inspect your softcover. Don’t forget: With the softcover you will be able to create all sides of the cover. If you use the look-inside-function you are even able to see all pages with the graphics, tables and maybe formatting errors. Comfortable final check!

Softcover look inside function
Softcover 3D preview

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In our online printing shop you can configurate your whole binding and even see extras and accessories like CD with self-adhesive sleeve, triangular corner pocket and large format/fold-out pages. As you do this, the price is always recalculating until you have your finished binding.

Individual cover design for softcover

Our softcover gives you 100% free design options. This is possible because the 300 g/m² cardboard is printable. We only need your design in a PDF file, you will find the design tamplate here. Your printed softcover will have a great glossy magazine-look and will of course convince your professor. Take your time to create an amazing piece!

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard softcover colour is white, that’s the best way to print on. Because brightness does not absorb the colours and represents your digital creation and its colours par for par.

The softcover is produced in four steps:

  1. We need your customised cover design in a PDF file 
  2. The softcover is measured and adjusted according to the number of pages.
  3. Now we put your printed pages in the individual cover – using our special method we bound this pieces.
  4. Finally, we cut all corners to get an clean look.

The soft cover is perfect for all degree programs and theses, as long as the design remains appropriate. Sometimes too much colour and too many graphics could look unprofessional. So be careful while designing!

We recommend softcover for this types of work:







The price of your softcover depends very much on the number of pages. You can get the softcover itself from 11,90 €.

In addition to standard A4 format, soft binding offers flexible format sizes that can be cut on demand, up to A3. Depending on the paper grade, up to 150 pages can be integrated into the soft binding.

Double-sided printing is therefore possible for up to 300 pages. If using thicker grade 120 g/m² paper, the document bound in softcover binding can be up to 135 pages in length.

An overview of the maximum number of pages:

Soft binding with 100 g/m²Soft binding with 120 g/m²
20-150 pages20-135 pages
Advantages of softcoverDisadvantages of softcover
Completely customizable designRelatively unprotected from external factors
You can use any colors, photos, and pictures on coverEasily creased or dogeared
Embossing not an option
Corners and ribbon not an option
Lengthy production of the customized cover

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