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Our Binding Recommendation

Thermal binding: perfect for essay printing

The printing of your essay must correspond to the occasion. And thermal binding is perfect for your essay. It is really very affordable and you can choose from many different colours.
  • Colours: Black, green, grey, white, blue, yellow, blue
  • Surface: Textured surface, transparent front cover (plastic)
  • Our Recommendation: For an essay of 2 - 450 pages

Price: from €12.90

Available immediately

Ordering Process

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1. One-click upload

Convert your essay into a PDF file and upload it to our online shop with only one click.

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Blue leather binding? Or red? Configure your binding online just the way you like!

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3. Extras & accessories 

Pretty up your essay binding with corner protectors and custom embossing.

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The free express delivery is our gift for every order without minimum order value.

Online Configurator

TIP: Don’t forget to do a final check with the look inside function

Once the stress is gone, all you want to do is submit your essay. But don’t forget to do a final check of your PDF file online before the printing and binding of your essay. Overly long paragraphs, incorrectly captioned tables, blurry graphics and incorrect formatting – these are mistakes you can avoid with the Look Inside Function. Check every page of the digital version of your essay and then order your flawless essay perfectly bound!

Essay printing and binding look inside
Essay printing binding 3D preview

3D online configurator with delivery date display and live price calculation

Not sure what corner protectors would look like on your binding? Our 3D online configurator shows you every binding you create. PLUS: The BachelorPrint online shop displays your personal delivery date and calculates the price.

Further Bindings

Premium leather book binding – make a perfect first impression with your essay binding

There is nothing better than this premium leather binding. That's why we only recommend it for a very special essay binding!
  • Customised Embossing: Black, gold, silver
  • The Surface: Textured, leather-like-surface
  • Colours: Black, red, blue, green
  • Ribbon-Colours: Black, white, blue, silver, gold
  • Corner Protectors: Black, gold, silver
  • Our Recommendation: Perfect for an essay of 10 - 370 pages

Price: from €22.90

Available immediately

The standard leather book binding for your essay binding

This binding is typically chosen for a thesis, such as a bachelor's or master's thesis. But if you want your essay to shine, the standard leather binding is exactly what you should choose.
  • Available In: Red, blue, green or black
  • Custom Embossing: On leather binding in silver, gold or black
  • Surface: Leather look, Smooth and shiny
  • Ribbon Colours: Black, gold, blue, white, silver
  • Corner Protectors: In silver, gold and black
  • Our Recommendation: Perfect for an essay of 10 - 370 pages

Price: from €17.90

Available immediately

Spiral binding - the low-cost binding for essay printing

If you need several copies of your essay, spiral binding is just for you! Inexpensive but still professional looking. Choose your favourite colour for the back cover and decide between a plastic or metal spiral for essay printing.
  • Binding Options: Plastic or metal spiral binding
  • Back Cover Colours: Red, yellow, blue, black, grey, white or green
  • Surface: Transparent front cover, back cover in textured surface
  • Our Recommendation: For an essay of 1 - 300 pages

Price: from €7.90

Available immediately

Submit your essay binding with a customised softcover

This is a 300 g/m² thick and printable cover. You can produce your design using our design template: upload the file and you will end up with a one-of-a-kind cover.
  • Binding: Shiny surface, 300 g/m² premium paper
  • Design: Freely designable cover on printable paper
  • Our Recommendation: Perfect for an essay of up to 150 pages

Price: from €22.90

Available immediately

Start configuring your essay binding now in BachelorPrint’s online shop!

Choose the right binding for you and your essay from many different great and high-quality bindings. Simply configure with a unique 3D live preview and enjoy your ordering process. You’re done? Don’t forget to do a final check before you finally press the order button. Just use our Look inside function!

Are you finally done? Then you just have to select your preferred payment method and place your order. You will receive your delivery with no additional shipping costs!

Our recommendation:

Before printing, check your essay for plagiarism!

Comparison of Bindings

Thermal binding Premium leather binding Standard leather binding Spiral binding Softcover
essay printing binding thermal binding comparison
essay printing binding leather binding comparison
essay printing binding leather binding standard comparison
essay printing binding spiral comparison
essay printing binding softcover comparison
configure now configure now configure now configure now configure now
Colours Red, blue, black, green, grey, yellow, white Red, blue, black, green Red, blue, black, green Red, blue, black, green, grey, yellow, white Customisable
Finish Back page in leather look, clear front film Textured, matte, soft, leather look Textured, shiny, leather look, smooth Back page in leather look, clear front film Printable, glossy cover in magazine look
Customised embossing No Yes Yes No No
Customised cover design No Yes
(Text and logo of your institution, in either silver, gold, or black)
(Text and logo of
your institution, in either silver, gold, or black)
No Yes
Corners No Yes Yes No No
Self-adhesive CD case Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-adhesive triangular pocket Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ribbon No Yes Yes No No
Number of pages 2 - 450 10 - 370 10 - 370 1 - 300 20 - 150
Suitability for assignment binding thesis premium leather binding excellent thesis premium leather binding excellent thesis premium leather binding excellent thesis premium leather binding excellent thesis premium leather binding excellent
Price €12.90
All info on bindings To thermal binding To premium leather binding To standard leather binding To spiral binding To softcover


BachelorPrint as an online printing service that offers you several advantages like:

  • Production of your essay within 24 hours. Order before the countdown above runs out and we deliver the next day (depending on your location)
  • FREE express delivery
  • No minimum order value
  • 3D live preview in the BachelorPrint print shop
  • Individual embossing with university logo
  • FREE ‘type of work’ embossing
  • Outstanding quality, thanks to the best types of binding
  • Free 100 g/m² premium branded paper for an elegant feel and brilliant colors

When it comes to essay printing, of course you have to consider the price. There are some things the price of your binding depends on. In general, it depends on your personal configuration, i.e. what binding you choose, how many pieces you order or whether you want extensions to your binding such as CD sleeves or fold out pages. Another factor is the number of pages you want to be printed and bound in your essay.

At BachelorPrint, we use 100 g/m² premium-paper as standard for printing and set the same price for color – and black/white printing.

You can calculate the exact price for essay printing here: Print Shop

On the one hand, you could choose a usual copy shop and on the other hand, you could choose an online print shop like BachelorPrint for  essay binding.

The advantages of an online printing service are many: easy ordering process from just where you are, delivery to your address + configuration of your binding with a our 3D live preview (and look inside function) for a final check of your essay binding!

Instead of using 80 g/m²-paper like the most printing services, we have 100 g/m²-paper as our standard paper for printing and binding an essay, without any additional costs. It not only looks more valuable but also feels that way. The 80 g/m²-papers are rather thin and therefore might be see through if you decide to print your essay double-sided. We also offer printing with 120 g/m²-papers.


If you want to know more about choosing the right paper for your essay, follow this link to our article: Which paper for thesis printing

The right binding for your essay depends on the importance of the work to be printed. A bachelor’s thesis or master’s thesis is very important and therefore should be bound with premium binding like the leather binding. If you want to hand in your thesis with an application or need it for storage reasons only, a thermal binding or spiral binding should be sufficient.

BachelorPrint uses the latest printing technologies to enable the fastest production for your essay. You want your essay as soon as possible? Then make sure to order before the countdown above has run out. Depending on your location, we produce and deliver within 24-72 hours. Good to know: delivery is also free!

Need more information?

Calculate your date of delivery using our delivery date calculator.

If you want to save extra money for printing and binding your essay: choose BachelorPrint! We provide the best value for money at no delivery costs and provide free embossing for your ‘type of work’.

For more information about how to save money, check out our page for free printing tips!

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