Guide on How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

how to write a research paper

Research Paper Introduction – Definition

The research paper introduction arrests the reader’s attention from a general perspective to one specific area of a study. It outlines a summary of the research being conducted by condensing current understanding and background information about the topic, presenting the importance of the research in the form of a hypothesis, research questions, or research problem. It also outlines the methodological approach touching the likely outcomes that your study can reveal, and describing the remaining structure of the research paper.

Research paper introduction in academic writing is widely used in the presentation of a thesis and academic work. This article highlights the best ways to go about writing a captivating introduction to help you fine-tune your writing skills at the introductory level.

Research Paper Introduction – FAQS

What is the purpose of a research paper introduction? It establishes the depth, the context, and the importance of the research by summarizing and bringing the reader’s attention to your thesis.
How do you start a research paper introduction? You start the introduction of the research paper by presenting what you are going to tackle in your research to create an impression of what your research work is about.
What do you include in the research paper introduction? You should only highlight the key aspects of your thesis. You are briefly introducing the reader to concepts that they will come across in your research work.
How can I write my research paper introduction? • Make your sentences short and precise.
• Do not oversell your ideas at this point.
• Draft your introduction in a piece of paper and look at it keenly before adding it to your final research compilation.
How do you write a research paper introduction to a scientific research paper? Your introduction to a scientific research paper should highlight sufficient background information on the experiment that you did, making it easy for readers to understand and evaluate your research work.
What is the rationale in the research paper introduction? The rationale for research is the highlight of why your research topic is worthy of the study and experimentation and how it adds value to already existing research works. You may want to bury yourself in books, do your research in the library, and undertake descriptive research for your specific field.

Research Paper Introduction: Structure and What to Include

The structure of a research paper introduction should contain the main goal and the objective of the research. It should be a concise but enlightening outline of the soon-after context. Here you are required to state your rationale or reasons why you want to major into a particular subject or instead what problems you seek to solve in the subject matter.

Therefor you need a comprehensible argumentation to emphasize the importance of your research topic to your reader. In addition, you want to excite the readers curiosity for the subject. Below you will find the prime points to create a convincing research paper introduction.

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction – the Do’s and Don’ts

One of the things that should be evident throughout your research paper introduction is honesty to your readers. This will go a long way in establishing a piece of research work that can be relied on by other students and researchers in the future. You will also not find it hard explaining the rest of the research paper to the panellists.

Research paper introduction Do`s


• Your research paper introduction should be short, accurate and precise. Don´t tell stories at the introductory level of your research.

• Pick-point the ideas you want to talk about and the methodologies that you have derived from the course work for you to solve the hindrances that you encountered on the ground.

• Refer to diverse research paper introduction works and make sure to look for up-to-date researches for your thesis.

• Provide tangible shreds of evidence and supporting arguments to blueprint your findings, and at least prove the fact that what you are presenting is well researched as well as authentic.

• Find it worth to include relevant terms, may it be scientific or mathematical or even theological.

• Always remember to proofread your work.

• Scrutinize your research paper introduction before presentation for reliability and present it with utmost logic to show how it supports your research and not a mere throwing in of figures.

Research paper introduction Don`ts


• Do not try explaining ideas that do not answer your research questions. This is a mere waste of time and will not lead to any new conclusion about your research paper introduction work.

• Do not write a lengthy research paper introduction. What will you write in the rest of the paper if you tell it all here?

• Do not state incomplete reasons for carrying out the research. You want to be as convincing as possible in your research paper introduction.

• Do not exceed the stated word limit. It brings about the fact that you do not know what you are talking about, instead, you present yourself as a bluff.

• Do not plagiarize your research paper introduction, just like any other portion of your research work. Check this before any submissions. Make sure all the hypothetical findings are genuine and unique.

Research Paper Introduction: Example

Research Paper Introduction Example
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Research Paper Introduction In a nutshell

  • Research paper introduction introduces the core topic to your thesis.
  • The introduction explains where you are coming from concerning your research. Therefore make your research paper introduction precise.
  • The research paper introduction should be short, concise, and accurate.
  • Your research paper introduction should highlight the rationale of your research, which is the support of the worthiness of your study and research experiments.
  • A research paper introduction should be free from plagiarism.

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